Performances by the Hand-Dupre Duo
"True masters of the the guitar" Der Burger, Cape Town
"Unmissable" Time Out
"…combines a rare aptitude in technique with genius for interpretation" Classical Guitar Magazine
"I have rarely heard a guitar duo explore such a range of colour or such a variety of character" The Irish Times
"Young concert artists of an exceptional level. One was immediately aware that their musicality and ensemble were extraordinary" Les Cahiers de la Guitare
"A duo of unbounded talent. Impeccable taste… stunning aplomb.. ensemble as perfect as you could with for" Guitar International
"Sheer artistry... pure enchantment... the playing throughout was dazzling" The Hindu, India
"A guitar ensemble of outstanding polish and sensitivity ... The Latin American music was despatched with true panache and bravura" The Statesman, India
"Constant delight" Musical Opinion
"The delight of this duo is their musicianship; carefully shaped phrases, tasteful rubato and perfectly balanced textures" Classical Guitar Magazine
"Beautifully played! Congratulations to you both" John Williams
(writing about the duo's first recording)
"…enchanted and dazzled their audience" The Star, Malaysia
"There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a guitar, save perhaps two. - Frederic Chopin. The Hand-Dupré duo's recital at Dabrówce Hall demonstrated the truth of this observation, through their great technical bravura and complete mastery of their instrument." Gazeta Pozńanska
"Guitar duos can sound cluttered, but this was never a problem for Hand and Dupre, whose empathy is outstanding" South China Morning Post
"An excellent and varied programme, all of which delighted the audience" Classical Guitar Magazine
"Formidable skill - with a dynamic range of seemingly orchestral proportions" Classical Guitar Magazine
"A duo of world rank" Classical Guitar Magazine